Through Different Eyes


THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES tells a personal account of growing up in Columbia, Maryland—a planned community that was designed to promote diversity and inclusion. During a time of great social change in the mid-1960’s, planner and developer James Rouse had a vision of creating a community in which people of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, races and religions could come together. By 1967 many families joined the movement in “The New Utopia” and began a social experiment of the grandest kind.

This book presents a personal memoir of how this environment impacted the author’s life and worldview. It recounts fascinating details about Columbia, including its innovative suburban design, interfaith centers, open space schools and desegregated housing. It also provides testimonials from others who have called Columbia home. 

As Columbia celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2017, it has also been ranked as the #1 Place to Live in 2016 by Money Magazine. This book is not only a testament to how one man’s utopian vision deeply moved generations of Columbians, it is a rallying cry for our Nation to learn what this “grand social experiment” has taught us about prejudice, religious freedom and unity—and that it truly is possible for a diverse community to live together in peace and harmony.


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Natalie Rivera, Publisher, Transformation Publishing

THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES: The Grand Social Experiment That is Columbia, Maryland